A little about me (Sonia) below:

  • Life is a gift, a privilege from God.
  • Recognize that life is also a journey and joy is a choice.  Throughout this journey my soul strengthens, my character develops, and my future unfolds.
  • Grateful for much.
  • Hope and a lesson exist in every situation known to man.  There really is nothing new under the sun.
  • Work in progress.  Holding onto the truth that He who began a good work in me will see it to completion.
  • Want to love others unconditionally – no strings attached.  Life is not about me, never will be, and never was.  Fortunately, God sent His Son as an example.  Unfortunately, I am human and fall short every day.
  • Life is full of choices – want to make the good/right ones.
  • Smiles really work and people are smart.  Try to respect others enough to always be sincere.  If I’m not feeling sincere, I will usually own up to my mood and apologize.
  • Like many, lots of titles – wife, mommy, daughter (to King of Kings, my parents, and my husband’s parents), sister (one awesome brother), sees-ter to some (in lieu of SIL), aunt, friend, project manager (over eleven years), trainer (seven years), and Six Sigma Green Belt (five years).

If there’s something else you would like to know, please just ask!


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