Humble Pie, but HUGE Step: BTWG Initial Assessment

Knowing that I am out of shape, not in shape, or even apple shape is one thing.  Going through testing/measuring and evaluation by others is another.  Just returned from the Bridging The Wellness Gap (BTWG) Initial Assessment.  My commentary follows…

  • Staff, post program graduates, and fellow ‘new recruits’
    • Welcoming
    • Professional -two nurses, experienced (>10 years) trainers, and  more
    • Encouraging
  • Materials – an entire training binder… woo hoo! 😀
    • Adaptable – Chris Roche will evaluate my assessment scores, questionnaire answers, and more.  Then, in addition to the binder, he will provide a customized exercise program for me (and every other new recruit).
    • Comprehensive – Seems like it’s all here.  Topics covered include:
      • Nutrition – Chris Roche calls this ‘dietary principles.’
      • Strength
      • Aerobics
      • Power Yoga – if you are concerned, please do not be – I promise Chris shares my belief system.  No one is trying to convert me to something to which I am not comfortable.  Yoga has amazing health benefits and is not a religion. 🙂
      • Meditation – just another name for my ‘quiet time’ -a valued piece in my personal life puzzle.  Being still and knowing that He is God and listening to Him.  Typically, my prayer time follows ACTS (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication).  My quiet time focuses on breathing, listening, and feeling that peace that transcends understanding (from Him) amidst whatever chaos is happening around me.  This is when He reminds me that He is in control (not me), He loves me (unconditionally), and whatever I am experiencing is temporary.
  • Assessment – yeah, this was the most humbling
    • Blood pressure – mine was high (152/96) today… but it’s usually textbook.  Attributing it the stress of my dad’s death, lack of death certificate, and maybe a little nervous excitement, if there is such a thing.
    • Height, Weight, and BMI – too short, too much, and not telling.  Knowing that these numbers do not define me, but knowing also my present reality stinks.
    • Push Ups – how many in a minute… only 23
    • Sit Ups – again, for a minute… somewhere in the 20s, but I am not remembering the specific number
    • Flexibility – never saw a contraption like this in my life.  Put your feet against a metal plate, then extend your arms to move a piece of metal on top.  That measurement determines your flexibility.  Again, I do not remember the number, maybe 13 3/4, but I’m wondering if this is centimeters.  Anyway,  it’s how far I can reach past my toes.

Is it possible for this information to be obtained from other sources, maybe even online?  Possibly.  If it is, however, I would need to sort through dozens of sites, research them for accuracy, collate, and assemble.  The binder of information/tools provided for this program is more than worth the cost and will set me up for success.

The other thing that always determines altitude is attitude.  Corny and cliché, but ever so true.  Chris Roche’s program in a nutshell “No Excuses!”

Putting this out here for the world to read demonstrates my commitment (or insanity…it’s possible that’s a finer line than first thought) and my need for accountability.  Stay tuned…more updates to follow.

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3 Responses to Humble Pie, but HUGE Step: BTWG Initial Assessment

  1. Christopher Ardeel says:

    Sonia…I know how committed you are to this process and not only do I support you 100%, but I’m looking forward to walking with you every step of the way. Great job on the blog, too. I like your style! Keep on keepin’ it real.

  2. Sherri says:

    We haven’t met yet. I’m Sherri and went thru BTWG 2 years ago with Chris and a wonderful group of supportive people, just like those in your BTWG class. Reading your blog, my heart opens up to you and your family. God bless your sweet father as he moves on to bring joy to another realm and to guide you from above on your path to wellness. I look forward to meeting you and giving you a big hug. -Sherri D.

  3. shawna says:

    Hi Sonia. Thinking about you today. Hope your first week went ‘well’. From that standpoint, I mean…uncomfortable & new terrain (just like the rest of us experienced 🙂 ). Keeping you in my thoughts as we approach week 2. Go get um’!

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